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Saturday, September 11, 2010

09-11-2010 in Bahrain

Today we took a family field trip to the Grand Mosque for an open house that welcomed tourists and ex-pats living in Bahrain. The girls and I were sent into a dressing area where the girls and women helped us choose Hijabs and, for me, an Abiya to wear. We were given a tour, refreshments, lessons about the Mosque and Islam. We got henna paintings on our hands. The kids got balloons and juice and played games with some of the Muslim teenage girls. It was a nice day. No hate or strangeness or accusations. If the rest of the world could behave this way, we would have no wars. They opened their doors to us to let us know that the extremists do not speak for them. We entered for the same reason.


  1. Your last three sentences took my breath away...power can be found in the simplest of truths; you summed it up brilliantly.

  2. Thank you Holly. It seems so strange to have spent 9-11 that way.It is also their holiday that just happened to fall on the date this year. I am no liberal as you well know.However, I am also not a closed minded ignoramus. We toured several Buddhist temples in Thailand and Japan. We raise our children in the Christian faith, but we also teach them that not everyone is Christian.Whether you share their beliefs or not, you can learn from other cultures. When you are in their sacred places you must be respectful. My kids will not learn hate from me.

  3. Hearts galore. This made me cry. Ugh. I love you, Sissy.

  4. Thank you for sharing your day with the rest of us. Such good thoughts we should all be encouraged to embrace.

  5. Stac-I am in awe of you and your family. I will share bits and pieces of your journey with my boys so they can see a small piece of what our military families do for all of us back home. As a "never-really-been-anywhere-because-Nigara-Falls-doesn't-count-as-being-a-world-traveler" sort of gal, I've enjoyed getting lost in your descriptions of people and places you have experienced. Thank you for sharing, and as always, my prayers are with your family.
    Thank you!