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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's the Great, Ugly, Warty,Speckled Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Autumn has come to Bahrain. The temperature is in the mid-90's instead of over 100, so life is a little easier. Nothing makes you more homesick than when the season changes...and nothing changes. I am having fun meeting new friends and getting to know the island. It is fun to swap ideas about what to do for the kids to make life a little more "normal" for them. Since we are not in a culture that celebrates All Saints Day, it makes sense that they also have no All Hallows Eve. You can go into the grocery stores that service a lot of ex-pats, but supplies are limited. A real honest to goodness pumpkin will run you about $32.00. So, we improvise with some ugly step-sisters to the pumpkin.Warty gourd-like pumpkins that needs some micro-derm abrasion. We don't have trick or treating, but the kids will have a big hootnanny at the school that will make up for it. We also decorated the house and are planning a family party for daddy when he returns. Costumes, bobbing for apples, scary movies (not that scary), fake vampire teeth,spider rings, the whole thing!

If you are from the farming mid-west or anywhere that has the dramatic season changes, you understand the attraction of Autumn. Sticky summer days replaced with turtlenecks and hot cider. Gorgeous deciduous trees in orange, yellow,green,brown, burgundy. The irresistible need to jump into the leaf pile you just made and wallow around like a pig in mud. Bond fires, hay rides, corn mazes, and trips to the pumpkin patch. Not unlike the hunt for the perfect tree, hunting down that perfect pumpkin takes both speed and a sharp eye. One pumpkin farm did a lump sum all you can carry. you had to be able to walk three steps. These are the moments that you are glad that your husband's nickname in Officer's Candidate School was "pack mule". He was a wonder to behold and they lost money on the Reynolds family that day...I assure you!

Another past time is the haunted house. I can tell you that as I have aged, and the lawyers have gotten a foothold in our country, the haunted houses are not nearly as cool or scary. However, those rules get checked at the gate when you let the Single Marine Program run the haunted house. It is was a fundraiser for them in Japan. They made sure that they earned their pay by giving you the haunted house that they would want themselves. My preteen kids were traumatized and screaming to go again the next night! The ones on Marine bases have "kid hours" and adult hours. The adult hours they scare the crap out of you. No one can sneak up on you and put the fear of God into you better than a painted infantry man. So, I will miss Halloween at home this year. I will miss the Fall in it's entirety. It will be challenging and fun,however, to form memories for my kids of how their Yankee mother saved Halloween and Christmas in Saladin's Court. Ooh-rah.

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  1. From one Yankee to another - I feel your pain. Even though here in CL the seasons do change somewhat, I still really miss the Midwest weather and changing out those shorts for pants, tank tops for sweaters. The brightly colored leaves, REAL apple cider, the actual smell of Fall in the air. Yeah, miss it here too girlie. I can only imagine how you're feeling. :(