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Monday, December 6, 2010

A poem for my military girlfriends XOXOX

I wrote a little poem for all my military girls who have spent a Christmas without their sweetheart. Mine will be here this year, but I know not everyone's will. I love you all.Stay strong. Have a wonderful holiday.For all my other friends, remember the sacrifices your military families make and thank the Lord that your husband will be right next to you stuffing stockings this year!

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the base
There were daddies gone missing
with mom in his place
The stockings were hung, the care package sent
to a barracks, a warehouse or a dusty old tent

The kiddies were sleeping, like they always do
The spirit of Christmas is hers to pursue
She bakes for the classroom, she shops all alone
She makes Christmas special, she waits by the phone

or she packs up the car, heads out on her own
with kids and the dog she is headed for home
To share her burden with family so dear
She drives through the snow praying all roads stay clear

And what to her wondering eyes should appear?
Her sweetheart on skype to calm all her fears
A gift under the tree that he sent while she drove
Knowing the love that he took when he chose

So she smiles Christmas morning as the gifts get unwrapped
The ham's in the oven, the wine bottle tapped
But she feels to her core the empty chair in her sight
Merry Christmas my love, may you have a safe night.


  1. stacy this made me cry :( it's so perfect. thank you for sharing it with me and thinking of my family.

  2. I do think of you, and I hope you have a good holiday. I pray your loverboy stays safe and I hope you get to talk to him:)