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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Yank,the Virginian, the Tarheel, and the Jap are displaced

It has been a busy and confusing 2 months. I went home in February to Cleveland with my children for a three week visit. The purpose was to get a uterine biopsy. Thanks be to God it was negative. I home-schooled the kids, which went about as well as you can expect. We managed. Mid-March I attempted to fly back to Virginia to hop the MAC flight and return home. Bob called me at the gate of Cleveland Hopkins, 10 minutes before boarding, and told me I couldn't come home.The civil unrest in Bahrain had escalated overnight, and the Saudi and UAE troops were headed over the causeway in defense of the Bahraini Monarchy. Families that were in Bahrain could voluntarily evacuate, but those who were already stateside had no choice in the matter. We had to stay put until the voluntary departure and the state of emergency status was rescinded.

Since then, the govt has flown me to Colorado (near the other half of our family) to get settled and to wait this out. Getting a clean, safe, furnished home and a good school was the priority. This being more touristy, we managed to find a monthly furnished house in the historic district. I can see the school from my front porch, the girls have their own beds, I have full service kitchen, and I am able to inspect and work on our rental properties that are right down the street. The school has been a GodsendMy kids had missed what amounted to 3 1/2 weeks, since the Bahrain School was shut down during the protests. The teachers and staff and students treated my girls like a shiny new toy, and welcomed them with open arms.We have an opportunity to bond with some extended family as well. So, for now, we are content.

Being separated from Bob has been tough. Especially on him, I believe. It is different when he is the one who is gone. He can focus on work without coming home to a big empty house. No toys, no empty high chair, no empty beds. This time we are the ones who had to leave, and it has been rough on all of us. Daddy's birthday was a hard day. These little trials that come along with military life do have a positive side. You learn to roll with the punches. You also learn to appreciate the precious family ties that get strained at the time. It is these separations that make the time together so very sweet. We try not to waste them.

People find it crazy that I used to be a cop. It seems like a lifetime ago. It sounds exciting doesn't it? I can tell you that between spending 9-11 jetlagged in Japan, 4 deployments, 2 countries, 3 states, and 5 kids, the adventure didn't start til I quit my job and married my Marine. For every heartache, there has been love and laughs and adventure. My girls will look back on our Durango detour and have a story to tell their kids. The fact that the three were born in three different places just goes to show that life is never boring if you take the King's coin.


  1. This made me smile. I'm currently married to a cop, we're both former Marines and our son and family at at DLI right now (MSA student), so they have much adventure ahead.

    Your kids will LOVE looking back at these adventures!

  2. outstanding! DLI in Monterey? Sounds rough,lol.